Social Media Programs

Are you ready to make an impression across the sea of social media? Our team of social engineers are ready to help! We work with you to develop a strong, integrated marketing campaign across a number of social media platforms. Each company is different, so please contact us to discuss the specifics of how we can help you.

We work with all the major social media platforms:


But how does it work?

Our trained marketing experts have developed a proven method for a successful social media campaign. In just three easy steps, we can craft a long-term strategy to get you results.

We offer three maintenance packages to help you stay on top of your social media presence:

All of these plans include setup, design, and development of multiple social media sites, as well as content creation. Of course, some client interaction is required to ensure posting accuracy and relevancy.

Gold Silver Bronze
Communications Strategy
The Communications Strategy is the heart of any successful social media campaign. Our team will work with your business to develop a clear, concise strategy to reach your goals. This is the first step to any of our online campaigns, and will be referenced to throughout the lifetime of your company’s social lifetime.
Blog Services
If you have a business that can benefit informative, engaging blog posts, we can help! We hire professional content writers to create thoughtful blog posts to engage with your clients. Our writers always refer back to our Communications Strategy, in order to constantly strive after both our short and long-term goals.
Digital Marketing
Digital marketing spans across much more than just social media. We use state-of-the-art email “blast” technology to reach your audience with precision and purpose. Your social media presence will also be involved, creating a cross-platform approach to thoroughly engage your clients.
Social Media Maintenance
Every program that we develop with our clients will involve some level of Social Media Maintenance. The regularity and substance of each social update and interaction will depend entirely on your business. We work to ensure that you are represented in an authentic way, so as your audience will be truly happy to engage with you. This is typically limited to one platform, but can expand to cover three or more.
Statistics Reporting
We use an array of programs to develop insightful statistics. These stats help us perform our job better, while also ensuring you are meeting all of our goals.
Monthly Rates (15% discount for an annual commitment paid in advance) $349
and up
$249 $149