Integrated Print-Web-Mobile Campaigns

What Happens When Your Print Campaign Works Together With Your Internet Marketing?

  • Direct mail recipients register for promotions or redeem offers via static or dynamic landing pages. This enables you to capture prospective customer information and also take advantage of impulse responses.
  • Direct mail recipients are directed right to promotion-relevant content, such as Youtube videos or shopping carts. Close the sale before they get away.
  • Complementary email or text messages are synchronized to hit the same day your mail piece is delivered.* Take awareness-building and promotions to a new level.
Full Service Mailing
* We are one of the only Connecticut-based printers participating in the USPS Full-Service Intelligent Mail program with piece-level mail tracking. What does this mean to you? Visit our Mailing Services for a brief list of the potential of Full-Service Mailing with Mail Tracking.

Let us design and host promotion-specific Web and Mobile landing pages that match every detail of your existing web branding. Depending on campaign requirements, they can be static or dynamic, meaning that each recipient’s page looks different. You can even have different offers directed to different recipients, based on boolean logic and 1-to-1 marketing principles. Regardless of the type, your customers can be directed to a landing page from your mail, text message, and email.

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